Wake me up in Lisbon

Maria loves Lisbon

Great chance to put a face to the name (in case you were wondering about me) and discover the new amazing streerstyle blog by Ângela Bastos.

Let me introduce to you…the STALKER!

Heya alfacinhas!

As 9-18 January I’ll be in Lisbon, I would like to blow the dust off my camera and capture the Lisbon city vibe in portraits. So I need your faces. I need your stories! Any volunteers? :) Msg me or add me on Facebook!



Anonymous asked - "Como te contatar? Só por aqui ou tem facebook, twitter, instagram...? (:"

Hey! Pode me seguir no instagram aqui http://instagram.com/109steps :)

Meninos do Rio
dezembro ‘12

What’s up alfacinhas?

I haven’t posted in a while; truth is, I’m running out of material, as for the most of 2013 I’ve been living in Malta and now I find myself to be a student in Denmark. One thing I know for sure is that I’ll never run out of my love for Lisboa - I love it so much I can’t sleep at night. 

So stay tuned, I’ll try to post some phoneography i.e. some throwback photos taken with my phone. 


Maria ♥


Anonymous asked - "Ainda tá postando ou só anda ocupada mesmo? Qual seu lugar preferido por aí Maria? :D"

Quando eu voltar a Portugal, vou tirar novas fotos  O meu lugar preferido? Aeroporto de Lisboa ;) 

Oh Lisboa, não chore não

Tomorrow! I’ll still be waking up in Malta, but falling asleep in Lisbon ♥ That is one totally unplanned trip that I didn’t even see coming. Whoa! xx
Rua da Hera
* me by a friend